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@RedskinsInsider Sources say that Vinny Cerrato is on a scouting trip today, so there’s no radio show.



-per Associated Press and ESPN.com

Adrian Peterson was clocked for going 109mph in a suburban Minnesota highway.  This is a serious charge and Peterson could lose his license.

Peterson said:

…got a little speeding ticket. I need to be more aware of the speed I was going and not let it happen again.

Frankly, if you ask me that was a silly response, as Peterson attempts to act oblivious to this situation.  According to the AP, Peterson claims that he did not think he was going to fast.  Peterson further adds:

But I know it was a speeding ticket, and that’s what I got issued for…

Time and time again, we have athletes who act nonchalant in regards to the law.   Luckily no one was hurt, and this is not a Tiger Woods situation.  Not that Peterson has anything to worry about, with the Vikings sitting comfortably at the top of the NFC North, he has nothing but open road ahead of him.

per ESPN.com


Allen Iverson returns to the Philadelphia to presumably rejoin and perhaps end his career where it all began.  Personally, I think it is a nobel move, but not one he assumes will lead him to the NBA Finals.  The 76ers are currently have a record of 5-14 and are currently entertaining an eight game losing streak.  Iverson will add a spark to this team but it will not be the same “AI” that slashed and scored at will.  Iverson’s presence alone will not only impact the play on the court, but also the effort…in practice.


I don’t know what this is all about

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What crossed the news-wires in regards today about the NFC EAST.


DeSean Jackson, known for breakaway speed, amazing talent, and wearing women’s panties in the Eagle Locker room (sources and references need, but that’s what I heard), said this about his playing status on Sunday:

“I don’t think I can go,” Jackson said Tuesday, per Sal Paolantonio of ESPN when asked about his concussion.  “I blacked out.”

This answer actually came when asked about what he thought about the President sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.  Jackson’s team, the Eagles, managed to play well and pull out a win versus the Washington Redskins last week.  They are keeping pace with the division leading Dallas Cowboys, with whom that have a week 17 date.  Jackson further added he wouldn’t be wearing panties for that affair (more sources needed).


Dallas star QB Tony Romo went on…a “vay-kay-shaun”.  We all know how those go with him.

ProFootballTalk.com, reported Owner/CEO/GM Jerry Jones had this to say about the situation:

“I don’t want to be naive, and I recognize that Las Vegas has a certain connotation,” Jones said on his radio show Tuesday, per Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram. “I too don’t want to be jumping on that either. They need all the pep-up they can get out there in Las Vegas, and that’s where many of us go and it’s a respite. But I think we all understand how we would point to that and think, ‘Well, OK, Las Vegas.’ ”

I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, which leads me to wonder why even mention it?  The Cowboys have a rematch with and @ the New York Giants, and that should be enough to get them pumped up and excited.  Unless, Tony is getting extra action in Sin City, he should expect to see plenty in the form of a Giant’s pass rush.  [Blank] make the legs weak.


Eli Manning had this to say about his foot (per ProFootballTalk.com):

“It’s one of those things that time and rest is probably the biggest thing,” Manning added.  “Having the weekend and the bye week and off week helped some.  Time to rest it is helpful.  It is not something I think will linger or bother me.”

Actually for Eli, it wasn’t a bye week…they played Thrusday (loss @ DEN) and had the weekend off.  I hope his head is OK, I like the guy.  And NYG Fans are not ready to get behind former first round sensation-David Carr.


The hard fought loss at the hands of Panty Jackson and the Eagles was costly to the Redskins and the health of their beloved and star QB-Jason Campbell. On the last play of the game for the Skins on offense,  Campbell was slammed to the ground by some guy on the Eagles team.  Head Coach Jim Zorn, sent a DVD to the League office, demanding justice.  They got this in response (via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and ProFootballTalk.com):

No, nope, legal play,” Zorn said.  “Because [Parker] got [Campbell] around the shoulders and not the helmet.”

One specific portion of the applicable rule arguably supports the league’s position.  Here’s the relevant language, from Rule 12, Section 2, Article 13(2) of the 2009 Official Playing Rules:  “When tackling a passer who is in a virtually defenseless posture (e.g., during or just after throwing a pass), a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down and land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight.  Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up or cradle the passer with the defensive player’s arms.”  (Emphasis supplied.)

In our view, Parker “violently” threw Campbell down.  But the rule doesn’t say “violently throw him down OR land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight.”  It says “and.”  Under the letter of the law, then, a defender apparently is permitted to violenty throw the quarterback down, as long as the defender doesn’t land on the quarterback with all or most of the defender’s weight.

Oh well.  Now the main concern for the Redskins is how they will get the UPS (used to ship the DVD) expensed.  Since no fine money will be assessed, who will pocket the charge?  Homerskinsfan.com will be on top of it.


Hmmm….here is the voicemail Tiger sent to his “lady friend” in regards to his wife finding out about the “sneaky-sneaky”.

Listen for youself.  I swore I wouldn’t cover something like this, but..common’ it’s Tiger.


The Skins eventually fell to the Eagle, after playing a good 3rd Quarter.  Hats off to JC for playing as well as he could making good decisions on his feet and doing what he needed to to make things happen.  However,  he did throw to picks in two bad spots and those 6 points sure did find their way home.

The last few games, this team has played well.  If the Skins had played this way all season, then it may have been a different story.  If the Skins were able to get a few games under their belt, it may have been a more productive year.  If they had played this way they could and should have beaten the :Lions, Panthers, and Chiefs.  If they had won those games, you could argue they could have beaten the Falcons (as the did go on a run on the second half), the Bronco’s game would still be a toss up, they could have beaten the Cowboys, and the could have beaten the Eagles.  That is a possible 9 game swing, and I will never even tally that up in fear of what that would conjure up.

The up and downs this season has produced has been something to remember, but we will surely want to forget.  If it is true that winning starts from the top, then this team is ready to follow the lead.

Next up, the currently, 10-0 New Orleans Saints.


The Skins trail by 2, and should be leading by 1.  Nonetheless this is a better game than I thought it would be at the half.  I am still thinking the Eagles will pull this one but, but what keeps me from being certain is the fact that Eagles have not put down their foot on the gas.

The Eagles have been extremely explosive at times this season, and have been utterly boring and disorganized as well.  The Eagles cannot play the same way they have played in the second half as they did in the first.  The Redskins have been playing better in the second half all season long, and if the Skins put together a good half of football and the Eagles play like they have been; this could have the makings of an upset.   However, I am not calling that, but if it happens you heard it here first.


On my blog Paint it Redskins, I briefly previewed the Redskins match up with the Philadelphia Eagles.  We know this will be a hard-fought game, and probably it will end up with the Redskins losing.  My final score is 26-17.  Why 26-17?  It’s pretty close to the score from last week, but also it is pretty consistent with what we have seen all year-long.  Here is my guess to how the get there:

1 Quarter

  • Donnie McNabb deep to Stephen “Backstreet Boy” Jackson-60 yard pass blown coverage by Mr. Rogers 7-0 PHI
  • It is well-known that DHall will be out, so with Rogers in-you know he is prone to the double move.  Jackson is a cocky butt crack sniffer, but he is fast as hell.   You would be dumb to not go for the kill early.  If you are the Eagles you have no time to waste and you need to get into the hunt, go for it early.  And they do.
  • Skins drive down.  Good series, stall in the red zone, Suisham hits 7-3 Eagles.

2nd Quarter

  • Skins drive and have the ball at midfield.  Forced fumble on Marcus Mason.  Leads to PHI FG. 10-3 PHI
  • Eagles sustain a long drive, capped with a Touchdown to J. Macklin. 17-3 PHI
  • In the waning seconds of the half Skins try to sustain a drive, but are not able to.  Half ends with previous score.

3rd Quarter

  • Eagles cap off a lackluster drive with a FG. 20-3 PHI
  • Skins come back with a well executed drive, almost on queue.  TD pass to Kelly. 20-10 PHI
  • Eagles drive down.  Vick primarily in on this drive.  Ends in FG. 23-10 PHI
  • Redskins put together and good drive, cap with a Touchdown by Mason. 23-17 PHI

4th Quarter

  • Two turnovers by Skins end drives, as defense stands to shut the door on Eagles lead by Vick.
  • Eagles put together one more drive under 6 mins capping it with a FG. 26-17 PHI
  • 2 minute offense now in place, Skins in Eagle territory. Interception, game over.
  • PHI wins 26-17

This team has done this time in and time again this whole season.  It is not a bad team on paper, but it cannot seal the deal on anything.  It cannot seal the deal on a win, it cannot seal the deal on comeback, and it cannot seal the deal on even a loss (they tend to hold on when hope is lost).  If I am wrong, I will be the happiest cat in town.


Abe Polin passed away yesterday at the age of 85.  Being a Washingtonian I could not help but be a witness to his revitalization of the Chinatown portion of the City.  Polin was an owner who loved his team and loved to help others.  Though I am not as die-hard a Wizards fan as I am a Skins fan, I am still a follower of this team and I am grateful for his contributions to the community.   Many people who worked and played for him only take with them the fondest of memories.  From Bullets to Wizards, all he wanted to have them do was bring home the trophy.  He will always be remembered for loving his team and organization.  His last wish yesterday upon gracefully passing away was that the entire organization was allowed to leave work early today in preparation of Thanksgiving day.   Loyalty and talent were at the top the requirement list he had for those who played and worked for him.   He was always loyal and in return loyalty was shown to him.  Last night his team squeaked out a 108-107 victory over the 76ers.  Close wins like that kept Mr. Polin loyal to his team, giving him reason to believe their next title could be around the corner.  Regardless if the Wizards win it or not,  the winning spirit that includes his loyalty and love of community will always be remembered, and what is missed the most.

Joe Gibbs celebrates his birthday today and is now 69 years old.  His second stint with the Redskins now feels like ages ago, and personally his leadership is missed by yours truly.  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and I was spoiled with his “captaining” the ship known as the Washington Redskins.  When he regained leadership of the team, and though wins were still somewhat scarce, it felt good knowing that someone had a plan and vision for the team.  As the hometown team reels week to week it makes me appreciate what we had for four years.  All I accredit it to Coach Gibbs.  I wish him all the best and a happy birthday!


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