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What loss was worse?

December 22, 2009

Which loss was worse?


Bruce Almighty?

December 18, 2009

The Washington Redskins have hired Bruce Allen, after Vinny Cerrato resigned. Was this a good move?

Mum is the word for Jack Nicklaus

December 11, 2009

According to the AP, Golf great Jack Nicklaus has this to say about Tiger Woods and his recent string of unfavorable news: Our public is pretty forgiving at times,” Nicklaus said Thursday. “Time usually heals all wounds. I think the hardest thing is obviously his family. That’s a private matter for him and his family.” […]

Thanks for the honesty Shaun

December 8, 2009

In a pre-season interview Suisham had said something along the lines of: ‘I’m not gonna make all of them but I’m gonna try’ I wish your career could have faired better here in DC, however, those two misses in Dallas just about put the writing on the wall. More on Shaun, read this.

Quick Redskins Nuggets

December 8, 2009

After a nightmare of a miss, Shaun Suisham’s career with the Redskins has come to a close. As per Larry Weisman via twitter: LarryWeisman Kicker change is official. Graham Gano in, Shaun Suisham out. Also, from the mouth of DeAngelo Hall himself, or Twitter: DHALL23: Everyone is asking about the knee…the knee is getting better! […]

The first win the Skins had en-route to the 6-2 start last season….

December 6, 2009

Enjoy, cuz it probably won’t be like this today

Wrap ’em up…

November 29, 2009

The Skins eventually fell to the Eagle, after playing a good 3rd Quarter.  Hats off to JC for playing as well as he could making good decisions on his feet and doing what he needed to to make things happen.  However,  he did throw to picks in two bad spots and those 6 points sure […]

In Memorandum and in Honor

November 25, 2009

Abe Polin passed away yesterday at the age of 85.  Being a Washingtonian I could not help but be a witness to his revitalization of the Chinatown portion of the City.  Polin was an owner who loved his team and loved to help others.  Though I am not as die-hard a Wizards fan as I […]