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Paquiao/Mayweather Super-Fight In Jeopardy

LAS VEGAS-The fight between Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather may be in serious trouble.  There is a distinct possibility of it being scrapped all together, reports the Associated Press.    The buzz surrounding this stems from the Mayweather camp “insisting” that Paquiao take an “Olympic-style” drug test, to cease any doubt or insecurities they have about the Number One Pound for Pound Fighter in the World.

The “war of words” has been on, even prior to the preliminary agreement to schedule this fight.   Upon the Paquiao camp hearing about these demands, Bob Arum (fight promoter) has said he will not submit Paquiao to this style of drug testing, but would rather have him take something along the lines of what the NFL and MLB implement.  At the moment it appears as if Paquiao will still fight on March 13th, but not against Mayweather.

Dark Cloud on Boxing

Should this back and forth finger-pointing continue, boxing will once again find itself with an ugly bruise on its already mangled face.  Super fights in the last few years such as: Mayweather/Dela Hoya and Paquiao/Cotto have certainly breathed new life into a sport struggling to find a new audience.

As far as Paquiao goes, I would want him to take the test.  I don’t care which one he takes,  so long as it produces legitimate results.  I have always been a fan of: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.  Reluctance only facilitates doubt and skepticism.  No one wants to see a shroud of criticism surround him and his team.  Take the test Manny.

For Floyd, I can understand his reasons for concern.  However, “he who is sinless, cast the first stone”.  I have no problem with a governing body imposing an anti-doping test such as this, but why is he the first to suggest such claims?  Mayweather is as skilled a fighter as there has been in some time, perhaps he still is.  However, he often lets his mouth do a majority of the fighting.  Should Paquiao be clean, and this claim was taken as an insult towards himself and his [Paquiao]camp; then we all may have been robbed of the greatest fight this generation has ever seen.

Thanks guy.

The original AP report can be found [HERE]


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