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Bruce Almighty?

What are you general reactions to the hiring of Bruce Allen?  On my blog for the FanBall Network “PaintitRedskins.com“, I covered the press conference in detail.  From my point of view he was very direct, understanding of tradtition, and ready to work.

What do you think of this hire?  Is it brilliant, and positive step in the right direction?  Is this a bad hire? He did get fired along with Gruden from Tampa.

Only time will tell, but for now as fan rejoice–I would like to hear from YOU.

ALL Comments and Thoughts Welcome!


One Response to “Bruce Almighty?”

  1. As we have come to see throughout the tenure of Danny boy as the team owner, many headline gathering moves have been highly praised initially but only to come back and chomp Redskins nation in the rump. I have a cautious optimism to this one because it is counter to previous moves. It was done sans Cerrato, obviously. This is the first of hiring strictly a GM, and that is the real hole needing to be filled by the organization. The evaluation of this move will be whether he is able to work freely and set a direction for what the Redskins will be. (A roadmap). And how will it be executede!!! The other difference is this change was done during the season instead of the off season. Time will tell

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