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Mum is the word for Jack Nicklaus

According to the AP, Golf great Jack Nicklaus has this to say about Tiger Woods and his recent string of unfavorable news:

Our public is pretty forgiving at times,” Nicklaus said Thursday. “Time usually heals all wounds. I think the hardest thing is obviously his family. That’s a private matter for him and his family.”

It is hard to dis-count what Nicklaus is saying.  I for one am tired of hearing about Tiger Wood’s interest in women to whom he is not married to.   With new names of women he was to have had affairs with, he has successfully snuck around more than the Salahis.

Despite the tiresome demeanor the public has towards the Wood’s situation, it is well-known that disappointment in his transgressions are greatly amounting.

Based on an independant poll I created:

Displeasure and disappointment are as high a sentiment, as it is people who are willing to overlook the situation.   Is it fair they way he is being treated?  In a fair world, yes.  He is a public figure, living in the public eye.   It is true what he does in private, is his own business.  However, if what he does in private is a person and not his wife and they come out and they are likely telling the truth, then he has a big problem.

As a golfer, he is the best in the world and may go down as the best of all time.  But non-sports related issues can impact a professional athlete’s stature from a business standpoint exponentially.  If you don’t believe me, then tell me the next time OJ Simpson goes to a Bill’s game, if he ever gets out of the clinker.  I’m not calling Tiger OJ, but the clean-cut “son of a military man” image is all but gone.  Tiger thrived on that image, and that is what made him the big bucks.  Do you think Tiger will sell Caddilac’s wearing a cut-off shirt and “tatted” up?  Do you think Tiger will see Nike brand products next to the slogan “Just do it”…which he did.

I think Tiger moves on from this, I think he wins more titles than Nicklaus, in the end.  But let’s be honest, he is a business man and he invested in the wrong places.   Gatorade was the first to cut their ties, who is next?  I hear Oxy Clean is looking for a new pitch man.


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