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Eli miffs James, as he swivels his broken foot up James’s rear…


Tim McMahon, ESPNDallas.com, reports that Bradie James, MLB for the Dallas Cowboys, is upset with Eli Manning and the New York Giants.   James (no relations to Rick or Lebron) refers his displeasure to an “autograph” by Manning on the wall of the Visitor Locker Room after the Giants defeated the Cowboys at the grand opening of the “Spaceship from V”…I mean Cowboys Stadium.

Manning wrote:

First win in the New Stadium.”

Confirming sources and reports maintain that the spelling and grammar was correct.  Nonetheless, James disagrees and feels this was wrong.  Upon arriving to the stadium, James desired to be the first one in the locker room prior to a game.  He ran so fast he missed the Home Team locker room, and arrived in the visiting locker by accident.  Unknown to him at the time, he wondered where his team was as he sat there for two hours and five minutes.  It was then he discovered the writing on the wall, and immediately became upset.

James says:

We won’t forget that,” said James, a defensive captain who ranted Wednesday about his dislike of the Giants. “It just makes for a more intense game.”

Manning disagrees and countered saying it was gesture all in fun.

Yeah, it’s a pretty common thing,” Manning told reporters at the Giants’ practice facility. “I was asked to sign it, it wasn’t like I just went there and signed it. I didn’t have a pen on me or anything. It was all supplied.”

It may be assumed that Tiki Barber or his older brother Peyton, may have put him up to it.  These theories have no backing, and are subject to being considered “false”, but it remains to be seen why Eli would commit such a sophomoric act.

Wade Phillips, Head Football Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Local Oaf, had some remarks of his own.

Things come back around in this league”

Phillips’ remarks clearly show displeasure of Eli’s signature.  It was also in reference on how the Cowboys and Giants play at least twice a year, as is the custom with all division foes.  In the end, these two teams have a game to play this is very meaningful.  For the Cowboys, they would like to remain atop the NFC East, while the Giants look to remain in the Playoff hunt.  Eli, being cool, calm, and collected had to say this in closing:

I figure they’ll eventually get over it.”

This will be a good one to watch.


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