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Around the way


-per Associated Press and ESPN.com

Adrian Peterson was clocked for going 109mph in a suburban Minnesota highway.  This is a serious charge and Peterson could lose his license.

Peterson said:

…got a little speeding ticket. I need to be more aware of the speed I was going and not let it happen again.

Frankly, if you ask me that was a silly response, as Peterson attempts to act oblivious to this situation.  According to the AP, Peterson claims that he did not think he was going to fast.  Peterson further adds:

But I know it was a speeding ticket, and that’s what I got issued for…

Time and time again, we have athletes who act nonchalant in regards to the law.   Luckily no one was hurt, and this is not a Tiger Woods situation.  Not that Peterson has anything to worry about, with the Vikings sitting comfortably at the top of the NFC North, he has nothing but open road ahead of him.

per ESPN.com


Allen Iverson returns to the Philadelphia to presumably rejoin and perhaps end his career where it all began.  Personally, I think it is a nobel move, but not one he assumes will lead him to the NBA Finals.  The 76ers are currently have a record of 5-14 and are currently entertaining an eight game losing streak.  Iverson will add a spark to this team but it will not be the same “AI” that slashed and scored at will.  Iverson’s presence alone will not only impact the play on the court, but also the effort…in practice.

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  1. Maximum speed limits should be repealed on some highways, as in Germany. In Minnesota speed limits are artficially low – well below the speed of 85% of traffic. We should honor the “reasonable and prudent standard.” Speeding Laws in Minnesota

    Go Vikes!

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