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Wrap ’em up…

The Skins eventually fell to the Eagle, after playing a good 3rd Quarter.  Hats off to JC for playing as well as he could making good decisions on his feet and doing what he needed to to make things happen.  However,  he did throw to picks in two bad spots and those 6 points sure did find their way home.

The last few games, this team has played well.  If the Skins had played this way all season, then it may have been a different story.  If the Skins were able to get a few games under their belt, it may have been a more productive year.  If they had played this way they could and should have beaten the :Lions, Panthers, and Chiefs.  If they had won those games, you could argue they could have beaten the Falcons (as the did go on a run on the second half), the Bronco’s game would still be a toss up, they could have beaten the Cowboys, and the could have beaten the Eagles.  That is a possible 9 game swing, and I will never even tally that up in fear of what that would conjure up.

The up and downs this season has produced has been something to remember, but we will surely want to forget.  If it is true that winning starts from the top, then this team is ready to follow the lead.

Next up, the currently, 10-0 New Orleans Saints.

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