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The Brink of DUUHH

On my blog Paint it Redskins, I briefly previewed the Redskins match up with the Philadelphia Eagles.  We know this will be a hard-fought game, and probably it will end up with the Redskins losing.  My final score is 26-17.  Why 26-17?  It’s pretty close to the score from last week, but also it is pretty consistent with what we have seen all year-long.  Here is my guess to how the get there:

1 Quarter

  • Donnie McNabb deep to Stephen “Backstreet Boy” Jackson-60 yard pass blown coverage by Mr. Rogers 7-0 PHI
  • It is well-known that DHall will be out, so with Rogers in-you know he is prone to the double move.  Jackson is a cocky butt crack sniffer, but he is fast as hell.   You would be dumb to not go for the kill early.  If you are the Eagles you have no time to waste and you need to get into the hunt, go for it early.  And they do.
  • Skins drive down.  Good series, stall in the red zone, Suisham hits 7-3 Eagles.

2nd Quarter

  • Skins drive and have the ball at midfield.  Forced fumble on Marcus Mason.  Leads to PHI FG. 10-3 PHI
  • Eagles sustain a long drive, capped with a Touchdown to J. Macklin. 17-3 PHI
  • In the waning seconds of the half Skins try to sustain a drive, but are not able to.  Half ends with previous score.

3rd Quarter

  • Eagles cap off a lackluster drive with a FG. 20-3 PHI
  • Skins come back with a well executed drive, almost on queue.  TD pass to Kelly. 20-10 PHI
  • Eagles drive down.  Vick primarily in on this drive.  Ends in FG. 23-10 PHI
  • Redskins put together and good drive, cap with a Touchdown by Mason. 23-17 PHI

4th Quarter

  • Two turnovers by Skins end drives, as defense stands to shut the door on Eagles lead by Vick.
  • Eagles put together one more drive under 6 mins capping it with a FG. 26-17 PHI
  • 2 minute offense now in place, Skins in Eagle territory. Interception, game over.
  • PHI wins 26-17

This team has done this time in and time again this whole season.  It is not a bad team on paper, but it cannot seal the deal on anything.  It cannot seal the deal on a win, it cannot seal the deal on comeback, and it cannot seal the deal on even a loss (they tend to hold on when hope is lost).  If I am wrong, I will be the happiest cat in town.

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