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In Memorandum and in Honor

Abe Polin passed away yesterday at the age of 85.  Being a Washingtonian I could not help but be a witness to his revitalization of the Chinatown portion of the City.  Polin was an owner who loved his team and loved to help others.  Though I am not as die-hard a Wizards fan as I am a Skins fan, I am still a follower of this team and I am grateful for his contributions to the community.   Many people who worked and played for him only take with them the fondest of memories.  From Bullets to Wizards, all he wanted to have them do was bring home the trophy.  He will always be remembered for loving his team and organization.  His last wish yesterday upon gracefully passing away was that the entire organization was allowed to leave work early today in preparation of Thanksgiving day.   Loyalty and talent were at the top the requirement list he had for those who played and worked for him.   He was always loyal and in return loyalty was shown to him.  Last night his team squeaked out a 108-107 victory over the 76ers.  Close wins like that kept Mr. Polin loyal to his team, giving him reason to believe their next title could be around the corner.  Regardless if the Wizards win it or not,  the winning spirit that includes his loyalty and love of community will always be remembered, and what is missed the most.

Joe Gibbs celebrates his birthday today and is now 69 years old.  His second stint with the Redskins now feels like ages ago, and personally his leadership is missed by yours truly.  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and I was spoiled with his “captaining” the ship known as the Washington Redskins.  When he regained leadership of the team, and though wins were still somewhat scarce, it felt good knowing that someone had a plan and vision for the team.  As the hometown team reels week to week it makes me appreciate what we had for four years.  All I accredit it to Coach Gibbs.  I wish him all the best and a happy birthday!


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