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LAS VEGAS-The fight between Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather may be in serious trouble.  There is a distinct possibility of it being scrapped all together, reports the Associated Press.    The buzz surrounding this stems from the Mayweather camp “insisting” that Paquiao take an “Olympic-style” drug test, to cease any doubt or insecurities they have about the Number One Pound for Pound Fighter in the World.

The “war of words” has been on, even prior to the preliminary agreement to schedule this fight.   Upon the Paquiao camp hearing about these demands, Bob Arum (fight promoter) has said he will not submit Paquiao to this style of drug testing, but would rather have him take something along the lines of what the NFL and MLB implement.  At the moment it appears as if Paquiao will still fight on March 13th, but not against Mayweather.

Dark Cloud on Boxing

Should this back and forth finger-pointing continue, boxing will once again find itself with an ugly bruise on its already mangled face.  Super fights in the last few years such as: Mayweather/Dela Hoya and Paquiao/Cotto have certainly breathed new life into a sport struggling to find a new audience.

As far as Paquiao goes, I would want him to take the test.  I don’t care which one he takes,  so long as it produces legitimate results.  I have always been a fan of: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.  Reluctance only facilitates doubt and skepticism.  No one wants to see a shroud of criticism surround him and his team.  Take the test Manny.

For Floyd, I can understand his reasons for concern.  However, “he who is sinless, cast the first stone”.  I have no problem with a governing body imposing an anti-doping test such as this, but why is he the first to suggest such claims?  Mayweather is as skilled a fighter as there has been in some time, perhaps he still is.  However, he often lets his mouth do a majority of the fighting.  Should Paquiao be clean, and this claim was taken as an insult towards himself and his [Paquiao]camp; then we all may have been robbed of the greatest fight this generation has ever seen.

Thanks guy.

The original AP report can be found [HERE]



What are you general reactions to the hiring of Bruce Allen?  On my blog for the FanBall Network “PaintitRedskins.com“, I covered the press conference in detail.  From my point of view he was very direct, understanding of tradtition, and ready to work.

What do you think of this hire?  Is it brilliant, and positive step in the right direction?  Is this a bad hire? He did get fired along with Gruden from Tampa.

Only time will tell, but for now as fan rejoice–I would like to hear from YOU.

ALL Comments and Thoughts Welcome!


Official Statement from the Washington Redskins:


For Immediate Release

December 17, 2009



Owner says Allen is the right man at the right time

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – The owner of the Washington Redskins today announced that proven long-time NFL executive Bruce Allen has been tapped to be the Executive Vice President/General Manager of the franchise. Daniel Snyder made the announcement just hours after accepting the resignation of Vinny Cerrato. Cerrato served in many capacities for the franchise over the last ten years, most recently as executive vice president of football operations.

“Bruce Allen is the personification of an NFL winner,” Snyder said. “Our fans know his heritage; we know his abilities. He is the right person to lead our club.”

Allen, 53, is one of only a few people in the NFL who has helped lead teams that have won five division championships since 2000. He is the son of the late George Allen, the legendary former Redskins coach. Most recently he was the General Manager at Tampa Bay. Prior to Tampa, he was a Senior Assistant at the Oakland Raiders. In 2002, he was named the National Football League’s George Young NFL Executive of the Year.

Allen said he would begin work for the Redskins immediately.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity with one of the world’s most successful sports franchises,” said Allen. “I love everything about this assignment; I know what it means to be dedicated to the Redskins. I can’t wait to get to work.”

From 2004-2008, Allen served as General Manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which included their 2005 and 2007 AFC South Championships.

Allen joined the management team of the Oakland Raiders in 1995, where during nine seasons he was part of three AFC West Championships, two appearances in the AFC Championship game and a berth in Super Bowl XXXVII.

He was drafted by the Baltimore Colts as a 12th-round selection in 1978 out of the University of Richmond. He played for the University from 1974-77, earning All-ECAC and All-South Independent honors in his junior season, when he ranked 16th in the nation and broke a school punting record with a 42.9-yard average. He earned his degree in business marketing.

Allen and his wife Kiersten have a son, George, and a daughter, Mikayla.

Allen’s late father, who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002, was Head Coach of the Redskins from 1971-1977. His brother George served as Virginia governor and as a U.S. Senator from Virginia.

He also has two other siblings, Greg, a psychologist, and Jennifer Allen Richard, an author and contributor to the NFL Network.


Staff Edit: To get up-to-the-minute updates, stay tuned to 980 which is getting all the news before anybody.

Live feed: http://sports.espn.go.com/espnradio/player?station=dc


According to the AP, Golf great Jack Nicklaus has this to say about Tiger Woods and his recent string of unfavorable news:

Our public is pretty forgiving at times,” Nicklaus said Thursday. “Time usually heals all wounds. I think the hardest thing is obviously his family. That’s a private matter for him and his family.”

It is hard to dis-count what Nicklaus is saying.  I for one am tired of hearing about Tiger Wood’s interest in women to whom he is not married to.   With new names of women he was to have had affairs with, he has successfully snuck around more than the Salahis.

Despite the tiresome demeanor the public has towards the Wood’s situation, it is well-known that disappointment in his transgressions are greatly amounting.

Based on an independant poll I created:

Displeasure and disappointment are as high a sentiment, as it is people who are willing to overlook the situation.   Is it fair they way he is being treated?  In a fair world, yes.  He is a public figure, living in the public eye.   It is true what he does in private, is his own business.  However, if what he does in private is a person and not his wife and they come out and they are likely telling the truth, then he has a big problem.

As a golfer, he is the best in the world and may go down as the best of all time.  But non-sports related issues can impact a professional athlete’s stature from a business standpoint exponentially.  If you don’t believe me, then tell me the next time OJ Simpson goes to a Bill’s game, if he ever gets out of the clinker.  I’m not calling Tiger OJ, but the clean-cut “son of a military man” image is all but gone.  Tiger thrived on that image, and that is what made him the big bucks.  Do you think Tiger will sell Caddilac’s wearing a cut-off shirt and “tatted” up?  Do you think Tiger will see Nike brand products next to the slogan “Just do it”…which he did.

I think Tiger moves on from this, I think he wins more titles than Nicklaus, in the end.  But let’s be honest, he is a business man and he invested in the wrong places.   Gatorade was the first to cut their ties, who is next?  I hear Oxy Clean is looking for a new pitch man.


In a pre-season interview Suisham had said something along the lines of:

‘I’m not gonna make all of them but I’m gonna try’

I wish your career could have faired better here in DC, however, those two misses in Dallas just about put the writing on the wall.

More on Shaun, read this.


After a nightmare of a miss, Shaun Suisham’s career with the Redskins has come to a close. As per Larry Weisman via twitter:


Kicker change is official. Graham Gano in, Shaun Suisham out.

Also, from the mouth of DeAngelo Hall himself, or Twitter:

DHALL23: Everyone is asking about the knee…the knee is getting better! Im up every morning at 6 a.m in treatment! Thanks for all the support


Enjoy, cuz it probably won’t be like this today



Tim McMahon, ESPNDallas.com, reports that Bradie James, MLB for the Dallas Cowboys, is upset with Eli Manning and the New York Giants.   James (no relations to Rick or Lebron) refers his displeasure to an “autograph” by Manning on the wall of the Visitor Locker Room after the Giants defeated the Cowboys at the grand opening of the “Spaceship from V”…I mean Cowboys Stadium.

Manning wrote:

First win in the New Stadium.”

Confirming sources and reports maintain that the spelling and grammar was correct.  Nonetheless, James disagrees and feels this was wrong.  Upon arriving to the stadium, James desired to be the first one in the locker room prior to a game.  He ran so fast he missed the Home Team locker room, and arrived in the visiting locker by accident.  Unknown to him at the time, he wondered where his team was as he sat there for two hours and five minutes.  It was then he discovered the writing on the wall, and immediately became upset.

James says:

We won’t forget that,” said James, a defensive captain who ranted Wednesday about his dislike of the Giants. “It just makes for a more intense game.”

Manning disagrees and countered saying it was gesture all in fun.

Yeah, it’s a pretty common thing,” Manning told reporters at the Giants’ practice facility. “I was asked to sign it, it wasn’t like I just went there and signed it. I didn’t have a pen on me or anything. It was all supplied.”

It may be assumed that Tiki Barber or his older brother Peyton, may have put him up to it.  These theories have no backing, and are subject to being considered “false”, but it remains to be seen why Eli would commit such a sophomoric act.

Wade Phillips, Head Football Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Local Oaf, had some remarks of his own.

Things come back around in this league”

Phillips’ remarks clearly show displeasure of Eli’s signature.  It was also in reference on how the Cowboys and Giants play at least twice a year, as is the custom with all division foes.  In the end, these two teams have a game to play this is very meaningful.  For the Cowboys, they would like to remain atop the NFC East, while the Giants look to remain in the Playoff hunt.  Eli, being cool, calm, and collected had to say this in closing:

I figure they’ll eventually get over it.”

This will be a good one to watch.